Saturday 17 November 2012

The Sword of Aikido---Kindness

The second weapon of Aikido I shall talk about here is the sword.

In the blog post called Ikkyo I have already given an introduction to this so this post will take it that next step forward.

Once again we shall start by asking what the function of a sword is. It is a cutting weapon. It cuts through. So what does it do? It opens.

So when using a sword you must know you are cutting through (that's the obvious bit)but more importantly that you are opening something.

Now unlike the spear which pierces and originates from center the sword originates from Koshi, the hips.

That 'space' below.

In history the sword, or especially the samurai sword is said to contain the soul of the warrior. So I say it is of the Aikido sword too. For the true soul is kind and the Ki that cuts through all is kindness. The Ki that opens all is kindness.

When you do an act of kindness to or for someone you are not only opening yourself but also opening them, connecting soul to soul. A reminder of what freedom is.

Another rule of the sword spiritually eventually is to do with what you are actually protecting. You're body? No. There is only one thing you are protecting and that is your center line.

Center line. What is it? It is that verticle line that connects heaven to earth, it is that verticle line that connects and runs through all chakras, it is that verticle line that goes from Koshi to Kokyu. It is that verticle line which is non-resistance.

The center line is neutral and herein lies the connection to what is true kindness. For neutral is a very powerful thing. All revolves around neutral. Neutral is also an axis in this respect and you need the axle of a car in order for the wheels to go around and motion to happen.

Kindness protects neutral. Kindness aligns with the principles which emanate from neutral and thus is imbued with non-opposition, non-control, non-aggresssion and being non-resistive even non-disturbance.

Thus it cuts through the oppositional mind, the 'must control' mind, violence and aggression and force and all other disturbance.

So we begin to see two things here. The mindset which is focused but purely neutral and the Ki used which actually is true kindness.

So kindness isn't a weak sympathy. Kindness isn't a rose tinted glasses thing. It comes from a mind which is neither for nor against, which is neither arrogant and controlling or subservient, yet slices through all such things with non-resistance and yet at the same time thus opens and leaves behind in it's wake good feeling, a sense of resatoration. For the mask has been cut through and the other is left in touch with their true self. This is the Aikido sword.

To follow on from the previous post where intention was a spear then I may ask what then is the sword in this respect?

The sword is a decision.

When all are arguing and looking for a solution and you either say something or do something or present something which immediately makes everyone stop as if struck by a 'good' bolt of lightening, then that is the sword.

When you are stuck and wondering and can't make up your mind then you know what the solution will eventually be for it will be the sword, a decision. A choice.

Those who are always nervous and even neurotic or and continually worried have lost their sword. Those who pride themselves in making the 'tough' decisions from positions of power or influence and yet the result of which is much suffering for many have lost the awareness of the true sword and it's essence of kindness. No soul, no wisdom, thus only opening up to the dark side.

The sword of kindness is strong and sharp and opens up your space so that universal love can flood in

The discipline of the sword is a discipline of neutrality and non-resistance which then in turn opens you up to love and wisdom and a better tomorrow.


  1. Nice and well explained Graham and I agree with you and understand it, but I wonder how many just only in Aikiweb would understand, how many practicing aikido would understand? Unfortunately you do not understand spanish, there was an interesting article written by a nidan for the 55.000 visits in Aikido Larraona, Ricardo of Shin'ei Taido and me tried to explain something very difficult to understand for the writer.

    1. In short I would say on Aikiweb, not many. The vocal ones especially. How many practicing Aikido? Who knows.
      Up to now if I visit somewhere or someone I just do what they say their way and thus learn what they do, their way. I leave with them none the wiser as to what I do or can do.
      On the other hand when someone comes to me to learn I find they enter a world they thought didn't exist.
      In my view a person arrives only when they are ready. Despite much talking and waffling I can see many on that Aikiweb are not ready.
      When noise is ready for calm then it's ready to see the moon in the water.....

  2. Ha, ha, thought you'd get that. I think it's a fair description of Niall himself too.
    Come to think of it the others I liked on Aikiweb from Francis, Ron, Mark, Matthew, Mary, Ross etc. were all more like lone wolves. More open minded yet independent and strong.