Tuesday 6 November 2012


ONE OF THE MOST FASCINATING PRINCIPLES OF AIKIDO. Ma-Ai literally means keeping distance. Physically this produces the harmonious movements you see in aikido hence making the motions seem almost ballet like in action. A good boxer uses this principle by keeping just outside of the opponents’ space and then stepping in to strike and back out again.
THE BASIC MOTIONS OF AIKIDO ARE AN EXPRESSION OF THIS PRINCIPLE. These motions include, TAI-SABAKE, TENKAN, IRIMI, SHIHO. All methods of entering another’s space while keeping distance. Studying aikido motion from this viewpoint will bring about a stable understanding of active Aikido. The above is the physical aspect of ma-ai, but now let's take a look at the spiritual aspect of it.
Spiritually keeping distance is a whole new ball game. It is getting as close as you like physically, whilst keeping center and keeping your own space. IT IS BEING WITH; WITHOUT LOSING YOURSELF. Hence, we get the emotion of empathy as opposed to the negative emotion of sympathy, where ones own space is lost as is center.

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