Monday 12 November 2012

Budo Is Love

Probably the most famous statement made by the founder of Aikido Morehei Ueshiba.

An earth shattering statement. This statement alone took Aikido so far away from the general notion of martial art that still many today find it hard to fathom. All many can do is equate it with fiercely protecting loved ones. Alas.

Love gives life. Thus Aikido is a life giving activity. A life enhancing activity. Ki.

A martial art that gives life. A true martial art. The martial art where everyone wins.

Now that's quite a discipline. The ultimate discipline. It rules out so much that we mistakenly hold onto.

Always talking spiritually to his students and always quoting spiritual things he left much to be pondered and realized. "The sound of the mountain echo"

I have seen intellectuals debating what that statement means and indeed what O'Sensei meant by it in relation to Aikido. Well I will categorically state here that when in that state being, that focussed meditative alive state, you will hear the sound of the mountain echo. The sound of the universe and it will be the only sound, clear, vibrant, unarguable and that sound IS 'Budo is Love' That is the sound of the mountain echo.

Everyone practicing Aikido should leave the Dojo as if enlightened, bright, alive and at peace. Too alive even to sleep. This is Aikido.

For they have been giving each other life. Sharing in the discipline of Budo is love. Warriors of the heart.

To travel the path of giving life. To wake up every day looking forward to giving life. The path of peace is the true warriors path.

True nature.

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