Sunday 4 November 2012

The road to peace

                       GOLDEN CENTER AIKIDO


First and foremost Aikido is a path of self-development. It is a martial art with a purpose of harmony. This means it is the art of getting in harmony with your true self and bringing about harmony by your own actions.  Thus, Aikido is a unique martial art.                        

So what is the martial part of this art?:

Well, it is discipline. The discipline of staying relaxed, the discipline of following principles which do not oppose the opponent and bring about harmonious alignment rather than contest, domination and thus harm that lies in the field of self defense and therefore Aikido is not a method of self defense it is the way of harmony.

There are spiritual principles that are followed in Aikido, and there are physical principles that are followed in Aikido, along with mental principles and when these are all in alignment, then you cannot help but bring about harmony. This is mind, body, and spirit as one.

The physical principles are to do with harmonious body motion, hence, they are principles that govern movement designed to harmonize with opposing body movement.

Then there are mental principles, which govern states of mind, attitudes of mind, designed to harmonize with opposing attitudes of mind.

Then there are spiritual principles which are the principles of Ki; for you as your true self are spirit, and Ki is of the spirit and these principles are thus, principles of the universe - for you, in your natural state are at one with the universe, at peace, in harmony. Thus, the principles of Ki are followed; in order to pierce the illusion of force and negativity and bring your opponent back to self and a condition of restored peace.


For you are not a body-you have a body.

You are not a mind-you have a mind.

You are a spiritual you with a mind and a body.

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