Monday 20 October 2014

The Eighth Chamber:The Cross of Aiki

As you enter the eighth chamber of Golden Center you enter the chamber of divine light.

Written above the door of the chamber in Golden Letters is The Cross Of Aiki.

You have looked through one point and now you see what it is. It is mind. The divinity of mind.

"I am a to you a point. I am a point of light. Come closer."

Then as you approach you see more.

"I am divine mind. I am divine light." says the mind.

"I serve you so that you may see."

Then a new form appears in the shape of the cross.

"I am The Law." says the cross, and all goes still.

"I reach down from heaven to Earth and reveal the laws of the universe. I reveal the immovable laws of heaven and the immovable laws of earth. Thus I reveal the immovable laws of divinity and the immovable laws of nature.
I show you that such is their truth, their holiness, that they spread out across the breadth of all realms and all universe and all that is. Thus my symbol is the cross."

"Freedom lies within me for freedom does not exist by escaping law but only by committing to law...true law.Thus I serve also as a reminder for as you do not according to the laws of heaven and earth then you create karma and suffer as a result."

"I am mind and I am the freedom to create thus I am your creativity. Thus I am and always will be part of creation and life."

"I belong to All religions and all philosophies for I am but the spark of truth, the symbol of the cross, the foundation of the cross of Aiki."

"Thus I shine light upon the divine principles of the heart, of the soul, of the spirit, of nature, of centre, of the void, of non resistance and of harmony."


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