Thursday 16 October 2014


Taisabaki is a motion. There are many 'levels' to this one motion but what is it in essence?

Well, one of the best statements I can give here is "take your partner's place."

You ever heard the saying "try walking in the other man's shoes"? That's taisabaki.

Notice it involves high level empathy, notice it involves therefor open heart, notice it involves Being With.

So that's just for starters. Taisabaki is also one of the ways of what is called Entering in Aikido.

Entering is usually associated with Irimi and entering 'off line'. That is but another motion.....that is Irimi motion. The 'form' is different and from where it comes is different. The form of Irimi Motion is a straight line and as it means enter behind it becomes a zig zag. That is Irimi motion. It is a crossroads motion on the figure 8 ie: the symbol of infinity. Irimi Motion comes from Koshi...entering from 'nothing.'

So back to taisabaki...Entering. Entering from centre. It is entering on a curve not a straight line. It is entering into the centre of the others 'place.'

So taking your partners place puts you at centre and they into your orbit. With a good taisabaki this should happen without effort. When doing taisabaki kote gaeshi the partner should be 'sent' to your orbit and thus be circling around you. You are now centre of the 'technique'. Centre of the whole 'happening'.

Taisabaki is the effect of the triangle and the circle. As the circle then turns the other goes out from centre and rests in orbit. When the triangle and circle operate this way it also forms a spiral.

So now we enter an even deeper aspect of taisabaki. You are the centre and indeed calm centre line of such a spiral. It now becomes a matter of 'breath'. A matter of yin and yang. A matter of in and yo. Taisabaki done with 'in' or yang makes the person go out from your centre to the orbit. From yo or yin it brings the person in towards your centre. Perfect for the 'technique' of iriminage done from taisabaki motion rather than irimi motion.

Taisabaki is more than just turning the body.


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