Wednesday 22 October 2014

Tenth Chamber: True Centre

As you enter the tenth chamber, written above the door in Gold Letters is True Centre.

As stated before a principle of centre is acceptance but now we go to the essence and truth of centre.

It's purpose is balance. That's the first thing to know. Centre is centre because of what? Because it is connected equally with all which make up the whole. It has a job to do and that is to make sure all is in balance.

Centre is the SEAT OF GOODNESS. To understand centre you have to understand that point. Not love, not kindness, not compassion......GOODNESS.

Only goodness brings balance....nothing else.

So how do we 'square' that circle? Well, this is where beneficence comes into play. It takes beneficence to understand this.

Goodness and in operation Beneficence means EVERYBODY WINS......THAT is the condition of CONTINUOUS WINNING.

No greatest good nonsense, no yeah but what if's.......EVERYONE WINS. That Alone brings balance.

So now look to your Aikido. You move, via centre, to the position where you can benefit the other and self. That's the first thing to notice. So throw out the notions of positions where you can do x, y, z, to the other or where you can 'take their centre' nonsense. That's not beneficence thus it's not good.

Moving to the position of beneficence makes you centre not only in yourself but with the universe for that is what centre is.....the position of beneficnce....the position from which everyone wins.


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