Saturday 16 March 2013

Hara......A Gift to Carina.

Hara. Usually associated with centre and indeed one point but as I say in my Aikido each are different. Each are aspects of Aikido and each has a different function but all are interdependent too and thus work together.

Hara, location body wise being the stomach area. When using Hara all is effortless and the Hara feeling itself is softness. These reflections are to take you on a journey into Hara.

In my Aikido Hara is the home of the soul. Hara connects with nature, puts you in connection with nature and thus with mother nature. Those in touch with their soul are thus in touch with nature.

Hara looks for something, it is the guardian of something, it is from the realm of something and that something is harmony. For mother nature creates life forms which are all cells and molecules etc' working in harmony. This is the energy of hara at work.

The devine aspect of Hara is innocence. The home of soul. Thus we see a principle of Hara and that is the principle of allowing in. Innocence allows in. Thus we also see humility being born. Hara the seat of harmony.

Also there is another aspect or realm to Hara as to where it operates from and where it operates in. In operates in the realm of here. Thus the mind associated correctly with Hara is zanshin now that we are differentiating from centre.

So when travelling in the countryside enjoying the world of mother nature we are feeling and connecting from hara and we are enjoying here. When doing kokyudosa from hara we are using that soft harmonious energy to blend and move. When someone in life says you must look at that bad thing over there or that potential threat over there or the bad government or ...well..etc.etc. then they are tricking you usually into coming out of the realm of here and joining them in some mental drama.

When a cup falls and smashes do you jump? Do you let your hara get taken and thus you are jumping into a realm which is not here? Or do you calmly look and see what happened? If you expand on that then you may find you reach out and catch the cup before it smashes......operating from hara.

Innocence can and does allow in and move. Isn't that amazing?

As I throw a stone in the well and roughen the water I look and see the rflection of the moon is still here.