Monday 13 May 2013

Budo is Fearless.

The one factor which fits budo and warriors is fearlessness. Here I am going to talk about this but am going to talk about Shin no Budo. True Budo. The Budo of Ueshiba and Aikido.

Bu is love. There is no fear in love itself. It is only we ourselves through fear who disconnect from it.

Once upon a time there was a battle. A samurai battle. In this battle it involved one set of Samurai attacking a monastery. So the monks got involved in this battle too. A group of Sohei monks. Now after the battle the Samurai who had fought alongside the monks had won and were celebrating and the monastery allowed celebrations inside it's walls.

As one monk sat quietly watching a Samurai who recognized him from the battle came over to him and congratulated him on his courage and bravery and skill and asked how he learned to be so fearless. The monk in return said to the Samurai how he had noticed him too and commented on how fearless he was also and reversed the question inquiring as to how that was so for him.

The Samurai proudly explained how they meditated on being dead already, how to die in battle was indeed an honour, how he focused on the one thing and that was to serve and that was his centre. As such he had no fear.

The monk acknowledged him and bowed to him in respect. "Interesting" he said, then returned to just being there peacefully. The Samurai realized he hadn't answered as to what his secret was and inquired once more and added there was something different about the monk that he couldn't fathom. The monk smiled and explained that like him he feared not death, like he he served, like him but that they served different masters. "I meditate like you and focus on the one but in my case the one is life." said the monk. "Whilst you focus on facing death, we focus on facing life, thus we become fearless."

Shin no Budo. Apart from love it is the discipline of non resistance. From non resistance comes Ki and you could even say non resistance is Ki. For from fear comes resistance, from resistance comes suffering and pain and from suffering and pain comes the opposite budo, the budo of war and fighting, the untrue budo.

Many try to assign great similarity between Ueshiba's Aikido and a certain man he met who he said opened his eyes to true budo but I would say it definitely opened his eyes for he found a man skilled in the untrue budo and luckily also met a man of shinto who showed him a way to true budo. Thus he learned the difference and thus came about Aikido.

So it is wise to know the two Budo's or existence there of to save confusion. There is no fear in true Budo and thus it is to be a state of peace and harmony within yourself. Unmoved by fears of self or others, unmoved but words and tricks and dramas and all kinds of cleverness. Unmoved by worries or negative emotions of any kind. Moved only by goodness and love and kindness and thus in harmony with heaven and earth.

Thus there are and have been many great true warriors of the past following shin no budo. From Jesus to Mohammed,from Buddhas to Yogi's, from Martin Luther King to Ghandi. I watched a film before called A Bronx Tale and there in that film was a father who drove a bus. Another following the path of shin no budo. A warrior. No fear.

Only the tool of non resistance and thus Ki leads to the truths you are after and only the truth will set you free.


Fear builds walls and plants seeds of destruction.

Faith moves mountains and is the essence of Budo.


Sunday 5 May 2013

Yin and Yang

The basic principles of harmony. Much is written and much has been said about yin and yang and the whole theory of complimentary opposites and even today in Aikido there are those who try to discover the mysteries of it within Aikido and what some now refer to as 'aiki'. Unfortunately the mind and ego likes the thought of opposites and balance but fails to see the truth behind such things and thus we wind up with expertise on the matter which seems to make sense but is actually far from the truth.

The two forces of yin and yang, what are they fundamentally? For they are complimentary and thus do not oppose each other. In fact they are needed by each other in order to create balance and harmony.

Goodness and love. There you are. Yin and yang.

Now in Aikido true budo is love. So that's half of Aikido. That's 'bu'. The other 50% is 'bun' which fundamentally is goodness.

So I ask you to stop for a moment and consider this. We have in this world many who recognize the true power of love and those people are usually quite spiritual people and more in tune with nature also for they recognize the true power of budo by doing so. True budo, shin no budo. But now look at this aspect of it. We have many folk who due to their love for animals or nature or indeed people then go and do very rebellious and outright harmful things due to their love for. They get very passionate and end up fighting and even killing in the name of what they love, even religion.

There is an imbalance there. They lack 'bun' goodness. 'Bun' has been described as education and yes they lack eduction, education in goodness.

Aikido is the way of both goodness and love and thus is the way of devine. Devine is thus true and balanced.

As these two principles combine from the centre comes the sword. From the centre of yin and yang comes the sword of kindness. Opening up the universe to Ki and life.

This is Aikido.