Monday 13 October 2014

My First Aikido Teacher

My first Aikido teacher was my Mother,
In could it be any other.
She took me from the cold,
I was lost and only three months old.

Not only me, she took in others too,
A divine undertaking, an angel through and through.
Form different places...of different mattered not.
Only an Angel knows that...and that was her lot.

Not rich, a child survivng war, a real east ender,
Not a family destroyer but a family mender.
Not a complainer but a warrior on her path,
Kindness her sword and humility her staff.

Rose was her name and rose was her nature,
Universal loving protection her stature.
Thank you mother..angel...teacher...
And may these thoughts in prayer reach her.

A great life of 96 years. R.I.P.

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