Sunday 7 September 2014

Aikido:The way of Harmony

Without Harmony as the Goal then how can there be Aikido? Without wanting harmony then you see so much 'lesser' Aikido.

So what is Harmony? More than that....what is the difference between harmony and unity?, harmony and blending?, harmony and oneness?.

Well, Harmony precedes all those things. Harmony is fundamental. To understand Aikido in it's truest form you must understand Harmony.

A bus is coming towards you.....if you don't harmonize you will be run over. A sword or spear is coming to get you....if you don't harmonize then you get hit.

Very simple isn't it? So you can see it has something to do with motion. To harmonize with the motion. To harmonize with the energy. To harmonize with everything.

Ai is not only love it is also harmony. Love needs harmony to keep existing. Harmony needs love to bring completion.

So this is a brief let's get into the truth of harmony.

To do this we must go to spiritual principle. Three principles....three disciplines.

Non opposition, non control, non disturbance. You must teach yourself these three things to understand Harmony. Indeed to even understand non resistance.

So back to Harmony. To harmonize with an 'attacker' for instance you must move. Move where? Move to a position of non disturbance. Harmony does not disturb. Only from the position of non disturbance can you blend or unify etc. Harmony comes first.

In your own mind there must be no willingness to disturb either. Throughout spirit, mind and body. Same with non opposition and non control.

The aim is harmony.....not control.

Non control. Let go! This applies to an must let it go...not try to stop it or control it or interfere with it or change it. All part of the magic of harmony.

When these things are concrete then harmony becomes concrete...then Aikido becomes concrete.

You ever heard the saying 'Ki follows the path of least resistance?' Well, that's actually follows the path of non resistance so how ego got in there and added 'least' I don't know. Anyway....Ki moves to the position of non disturbance. Ki tells you where harmony exists.

Harmony is Real.


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