Saturday 30 August 2014

The Dark Side

Star Wars.....the force.....what a film. I'm sure Yoda was based on O'Sensei. Which brings me to the point of Jaki....the Dark Side. Basically...negativity.

You can look at wars and war machines and all things antipathetic to life and look at the energy or the feeling associated and get an idea of it. You can even see it as a driving force. Ha, ha....the power of the dark side.

When doing something...acting from anger or fear or upset etc. then you are making that the driving force of your actions and so you too at that moment or even amount of time are driven by the dark side. Simple really.

Why do you complain? Why do you protest? These are actions driven by the dark side.

The concept of Jaki is not something to complain about or even go against....for that gives it power. Did you know that when you complain about Jaki or 'bad' or such then you are giving power to it? Therefor you are giving power to your own Jaki, to your own your own dark side.

This is not AIKIDO.

Ai IS Harmony......Ai IS Love ALSO. Ki is Ki. There is only one Ki.

Therein lies the biggest delusion in the whole of Aikido. Also in internal arts etc. The subject of Ki. Not knowing that there is only one Ki people come up with all kinds of reasonings about different kinds of Ki. Thus they get deluded. Thus they are defeating themselves.

Ai....Ki.....Two things to understand. Only then can one understand Aiki.

Ki is not affected by anything. Ki is not disturbed by scenes of violence of any 'bad' scenes. Ki is not disturbed by what others are doing or saying. Ki does not contain complaint or protest.

So I suggest those who do Aikido look again. Aikido....the way of no matter what!



  1. Excelente your explanation about the state of Ki, it's the same, it doesn't change, never; through the love, we change, the mind changes and we are one with the Universe, as said O'Sensei. Thank you very much.

    1. Thank you. Any energy or action which harms or hurts or brings about a worse condition is not Ki.

  2. i read a lot of stuff and i found that the way of writing to clearifing that exactly want to say was very good so i am impressed and ilike to come again in future.. aikido clases