Thursday 5 September 2013

Eight Directions of Aikido

In Aikido there is much to learn from the viewpoint of energy and geometry. The paths, natural paths of energy.

Aikido deals with motion and energy thus ut has nothing to do with fighting, the true art of 'fighting' without fighting. So we nust learn the techniques, yes, but only in order so that we can transcend them and Be Aikido. In doing so we find the view of 'opponent' changes for all we see is a motion in alignment with anothers motion and a joining with and fun. Yet it takes great discipline to learn and reach such a level.

Once techniques are known and comfortable then the paths of motion within Aikido become more apparent. It is quite funny to see and and really realize that no matter how you are attacked or held there are always Eight Directions you can go.

Thus you cannot really be trapped except by your own mind.

Now, if we look at this on a plane so to speak and geometrically then we find there are Eight paths, from north, north east, east, south east, south, south west, west and north west. If you move north then you are moving straight unto the attacker. There is more to these paths than reach the eye.
When talking about straight paths of motion, paths you can walk along, natural energy paths of non resistance, then we find they are always there waiting to be seen. This is to do with motion, this is to do with lower body movement from hips to legs and feet and has nothing to do with upper body and arms. A different discipline. In the end the upper and lower become one but for many they never find the true art art of motion in harmonious movement, oblivious to the natyral pathways waiting to be found.

     Seek and you will find. Harmony is waiting. Peace.G.

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