Saturday 12 January 2013

Aikido Philosophy: Be With.

One of the major principles of my Aikido is the principle of Be With. Obviously as there is no against in Aikido then Be With is a natural way.

Tohei Sensei had a similar principle in Ki Aikido and his principle was 'take your partners place'. You will notice it does not say oppose or fight or counter etc. but merely take his place.

So physically how is this demonstrated in Aikido? Well, the clearest way is in the motion of Taisabaki. Turning, not to avoid but in order to be with.

A full Taisabaki is not practiced by many and I think it is because they don't know what it is or it;s true purpose. To understand this you must look from the view of a person with centre and surrounded by a circle, thus they are the centre of their circle.

So when you Taisabake you are turning into, entering, their circle, their space. Not only that but you are turning and moving into the centre of their space/circle. Thus you are taking their place. This is a complete Taisabaki. This is a magic action for what is happening when you do this completely?

Well, at the beginning of the move the other person was the centre of that cicle and now after the move you are now the centre of that circle and you entered whilst turning thus you become the centre around which anything else orbits. This is why the other flies off around you.

So you enter to be with and as they then go outwards you stay connected physically sauy by holding their wrist so you have applied be with and now you are applying the principle of staying with as they orbit you. Now, reverse the orbit, turn back and you have natural Kotegaishe.

O.k. So that's physical. That is a physical demonstration of a spiritual principle.

Be with is a spiritual principle and is a principle of love, a discipline of love.

So how far can we take this discipline? How far can we take this discipline in life? What is it's potential?

Well you have the innate capacity and ability to be with anyone anytime anywhere but are beset by a thing called the mind with ideas and false reasons as to why you shouldn't. That's why it's a discipline and the only enemy is your own mind.

When talking with another and enjoying a conversation you are being with and staying with. When arguing you are no longer being with and have turned against. So I sday once again how far can you take this principle? Well I'll tell you how far, you can Be the other person.

Aikido is about Harmony. When listening to another you are listening to a viewpoint. It is your responsibility to see things from that viewpoint in order to understand from that viewpoint for only then can you be in harmony. Thus be with to the extent even of Being. Only then can you share your understanding. Without this and thus without love their is no sharing but merely a competition of mind versus mind,a verbal fight, and what intellectuals may call a debate or argument. Polititions love this madness alas and yet they rule. Such is the state of the world.

To be with? or not to be with?, that is the question. To be with understanding? or not to be with understanding? Thus to be centred? or not to be centred? For when you understand you are cetred and without that discipline of love you cannot truly understand.


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