Tuesday 1 January 2013

Aikido-Kokyu and Koshi

Two facets intrinsic to Aikido, Kokyu and Koshi. The heaven and the earth of Aikido.

Kokyu is generally referred to as 'breath' and when using kokyu it is as if you yourself are a breath rather than some physical way of breathing. For once again the reality is a spiritual aspect gained through discipline. Technically you could equate it with infinite space.

Kokyu, the joining of two universal truths. The truth of love and the truth of goodness. These are the two fundamentals of yin and yang for there are no opposites in harmony but only compliments.

Love is all embracing, all sharing, all comforting and all supportive. Goodness is all welcoming, all receptive, all acceptive, all balancing. Together this is Kokyu.

This is the Fan of Aikido.

Koshi, the door at the base of the spine, the back of the hips, the entrance to earth. The entrance to the infinite 'space' below.

As you reach out into infinite space through kokyu you may find infinite volume but as you reach out into the infinite koshi you will find infinite capacity.

All negatives and physicality may enter this void and dissipate and all then will settle. Peace. This is the Bowl of Aikido. This is the bowl of faith, the well of innocence, the joining with mother nature.

Koshi holds on to nothing yet contains all.

As Kokyu contains the sun and the moon, Koshi contains the water and the tune.

Happy New Year. G.


  1. Thank you Graham for this clear explanation, a happy healthy year for you too.

    1. Thanks Carina. Your comments are always appreciated. Here's to a great future...cheers...

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