Sunday 4 November 2012



With harmony as the purpose of Aikido then one-ness must be one of its’ principles.

So as a training principle in Aikido you practice BEING WITH your opponent. Hence, you enter a new world where you’re not to avoid, you’re not to contest, you’re not to resist, you’re not to complain, you’re not to counter, in fact, you are not to oppose in any way. There is NO AGAINST in Aikido, there is only active peacefulness.


All techniques are based on being with, rather than being against an opponent. This may feel very strange to the mind, but it is a discipline of spirit and has to be practiced and learned in order to bring harmony to the aggressor, as well as to self.

Thus, laziness is finding reasons to be against something or someone, is easy and only shows you your own apathy.



Now being at one with doesn't mean you are agreeing with your opponent, it means you are aligning with, without agreement or disagreement. You are merely there, interested, calm. Yet it is not passive and submissive, it is active - for on the way to harmony there is love, there is kindness, there is compassion and there is humility all of which are very much alive and active and exist in the world of being with. This is the way of life force itself..............Ki.

So let's look at this in life. When you oppose something, you are trapping yourself and yet you yearn for freedom and peace, you imprison yourself by your own opposition. So every time you complain, protest, go against in any way, you are creating a barrier between yourself and that which you are complaining about and thus, you build your own prisons and get further and further removed from life, from reality, from true self, from one-ness.
There are many ways of opposing in life and thus, there are many ways to trap you so you suffer as a result. The history of war is all to do with opposition and is thus the destructive path and only leads to control and domination and then of course chaos. It's that simple. No more one-ness.

Hence, through Aikido you practice being with and learn many things about yourself and free yourself from many traps and can therefore travel the golden path of Aikido.





  1. Thanks Carina. I have written two books, unpublished as yet, so I decided to put some writings from them in a blog. A new experience for me. Glad you enjoyed the first installment ha, ha. G.