Sunday 11 November 2012

Ikkyo, Spiritually Opening

What is Ikkyo? It merely means 'first'. Have you ever wondered why it is the first? It is the first 'control' technique, it is the first motion. Spiritually what is it?

Physically in Aikido it is expressed in warm up as an aikitaiso exercise. Moving and extending arms out to the fore extending Ki through the hands particularly tegatana.

Then it is also a technique once again moving and extending forward and upward being the start of such. But basically, what is it?

Ikkyo is raising the sword.

That's it. Nothing else. It is difficult only because it is so simple.

It is spiritually raising the sword.

When you use one hand and raise it in such a fashion you are aligning it, raising it along your own centre line. When hands are put together in prayer this is also Ikkyo. When the shaolin monk shows 'buddha palm' while bowing this is also Ikkyo. When a boxer raises his hands and tucks his chin in in defence this is also Ikkyo.

The raising of the sword. Now here is the important bit:


The whole action of a sword is to cut through and the whole purpose of the sword is to open

So first you must see the sword of 'two blades' a double sided blade in truth. For when you raise it you are cutting through both yourself and the universe thus opening up yourself. Opening up yourself so that you may experience, you may be in the present, you may begin. Hence it is the first action.

Whenever a person readies them-self for anything they have just raised the sword. Whenever you choose or decide then you have just raised the sword.

Whenever you so do at that instant silence reigns for you have cut through the universe. This is Ikkyo.

Thus the sword lies within and movement with a bokken is merely the physical harmonic.

In raising the sword you have thus already cut through. You have already opened. What is seen as cutting the sword has already been done. So what you see is only the sword following the path which has already been opened.

Now we can flow, ahhhh.

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