Thursday 30 October 2014

The Thirteenth Chamber:Heaven and Earth and The Floating Bridge

As you enter the 13th Chamber, written above the door in Gold Letters is:The Floating Bridge.

Inside the first lesson is Compassion and Humility.

As you look and find out about heaven you meet Father and Son. The divinity of which is compassion.

The male side and the male side is compassion. For all the heavens are ruled by compassion.

Heaven is compassion.

Then you look to Earth and there is Mother and Daughter. The divinity of which is Humility.

This is the female side.

For Mother nature is Humility in action.

Together Heaven and Earth form the great circle.

The essence of Mother nature, mother and Daughter, is the spirit of loving protection for all things.

In you therefor there is both Heaven and Earth which need to be in balance. Compassion for All and the spirit of loving protection for all things. Compassion and Humility.

This is the way of the Jo and at the centre of the Jo is the great Jewel.

When your centre is also that jewel there lies the floating bridge.


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