Monday 13 October 2014

Keep One Point

Keep one point. Keep. What great advice once again.

At first one point is said to be a matter of keeping attention at centre at all times. You could benefit by the feeling thus of keeping connected to your own centre at all times. So it's all good.

But one point is not centre. One point is not Dantien. In fact it is a self created point you place at the location of centre. That's the first thing to know about one point.

Create a point at centre. So one point is not a Fixed is a matter of discipline to KEEP one point for it is you who create it.

In fact to make it even more disciplined our teacher used to get us to create it outside of the to centre.
So from that perspective it is treated 'as' centre. As if there is no difference. But unknowingly to the student there is a world of difference for them yet to discover.

This action of one point is all part of zen, is all part of yoga, is all part of misogi, is all part of Aikido. It can be denied and thus much wisdom will be there lying dormant, yet to be discovered.

One point is not a matter of heart. It is not a matter of spirit. It is not a matter of soul. It is inherently aligned to non resistance but is not it. So what is one point fundamentally?

It is mind. Pure one point is pure mind. When you are told to put one point at centre you are actually learning to put your mind at centre to help keep it quiet.

Misogi is not only polishing the spirit it is polishing the mind polishing the heart polishing all.

True mind is divine. It is a divine point. It is clear. It is untroubled by anything whether internal or external, whether a life situation or a world situation. It is unmoved and unmovable.

Your mind moves to a world situation and complaints and fears etc. You have been led. Your mind has been led.

You see the macdonalds symbol.....mind led. You see the beautiful girl...say no more.

One point gone.
One point in purity is divine. It is the source of connection to divinity. It is the spark of light. Light as spoken of in religion and spiritual matters is all about divinity of true mind, is all about one point.

Shin shin toitsu.....the joining with divinity....the divinity of the other. It is there no matter how hidden the spark, the one point is somewhere there.

Divinity is in all and along with it comes wisdom. Deny it and all that is formed then is a chattering, 'logical' ego mind.
Keep one point. Sound advice.


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