Sunday 8 June 2014

Aikido...No Techniques?

Techniques, techniques, techniques.....generally there is a great overemphasis on techniques as everyone tries to improve their techniques.

On the other hand there are those who 'discover' so called 'techniqueless Aikido'.

It makes me wonder why on both counts.

The truth of the matter is as far as I am concerned that most therefor do not even understand the word technique itself.

Technique is the result of applied principle. How many know which principle is in effect and leads to the technique called kotegaeshi? How many know which principle is in effect which leads to iriminage? Yet blindly people try to improve their technique. Thus they get all bound up in the physical oblivious to the underlying spiritual principle.

Now on the other hand those who emphasize the more spiritual sometimes deny the technical and thus technique. So once again they don't really understand what technique is.

Spiritually speaking true aikido is about natural universal manifestation. O.k. but what is this natural manifestation? What form does it take? Well it takes the form of energy and motion in harmony. Now, when you understand the energy manifestations and their FORM then you will understand the resultant form which is called technique.

The ways of energy needs to be understood to understand these forms....NATURAL WAYS of energy.

Irimi is a natural way of energy yet I have never met one person yet who could show why? I'm not talking about the technique here called iriminage but rather the motion called irimi. Bun means study...

It's all good.G.

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