Monday 16 June 2014

Aikido...complimentary opposites

I'll start by saying complimentary opposites are all good...thus there are no negatives.There is no good and bad for bad is not the complimentary opposite of good.

I find that the whole theory Aikido wise of the circle is and the principle of the circle is much to do with these complimentary opposites. The two working together form a cicle.....the circle is perfect.

Love and life are complimentary opposites. They form a circle. So in life it is best to only find and do what you love. Only then will you feel complete for only then will you truly Be. It's your life and it's your's your circle.

Now, if we look at energy and pathways of energy we can look from the viewpoint of geometry. Give if you will energy some life.....and you will find given the choice energy loves and prefers circles. People in construction and architechture know this principle and thus they build arches. Plane builders know this too and thus the windows of planes are circular. Nature knows this too and thus we utilize this in Aikido.

Spiritually in Aikido you must learn to see the circles without which you will never understand ma ai, or even kotegaeshi or the wave indeed. You will never understand entering for it is all to do with the circle.

About a year ago now I was visited by long term Aikidoka who wanted to meet and one of the things he wanted to 'test' was what I said about the circle for I said you actually have to put it there and 'see' it for real. So as a demo I asked that we get into a grappling 'match'. So we wrestled each other and then stopped. Then we did it again but this time I said I would use the circle. Gently like holding a baby I lowered him to the floor while he struggled and fought but found it had no effect.

All was in the circle.

The book of five rings? The book of five circles.


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