Saturday 24 May 2014

Aikido..The Secret

Aikido has a secret. Ueshiba had a secret. The secret, hidden in plain sight, is THE SECRET. shin no budo. That's the secret.

Budo is love....Ai is love and also indeed harmony.

90% of budo, or I would say 99% of budo of all types and descriptions including those 'special' internal arts are fear based. Thus budo is fear based. However Ueshiba's Budo is not fear based and that is why it is to such a great degree not vaguely understood by over 90%.

Love. What does it do? Well, it supports. What else? It unites. Unity. On the path to oneness...shin no budo.

Now, contrary to this we have fear. Fear is unhealthy. Forget all the rubbish that's ever been said about fear being healthy for that is just fear talking. Fear leads to the majority of budo and is the tool of jaki.

What else does fear do? Fear creates. Fear is a very creative energy. Through fear one creates all manner of stupid things, all manner of problems and hindrances, all manner of everything detrimental to all. Plus where does fear lead to? Hate. It leads to separation, it leads to being against, it leads to opposing, it leads to the craving of making self strong and unaffected and strong and able to cause harm.

It leads to living and organizing life based on what you don't like. It's suprising how many folk organize in such a way....organization based on fear.

Yet Ueshiba's Aikido is about confidence and oneness. Confidence....does this contain fear? Indeed not and what is ultimate confidence? Faith. True faith. Such true faith would only make all religions better. It doesn't reside in fear but only in love and oneness.

In my religion worrying is a sin.

To be led by your own fear or to be be led by others fears is to be led to disater.


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