Monday 7 April 2014

Shin shin Toitsu Insight

STRUCTURE: PRINCIPLES: 1)Relax Completely weight underside..Extend Ki
2)Respect your partners Ki.
3)Lead partners Ki.
4)Keep one point.
5)Take your partner's place.
6)Perform with confidence.

Old school structure which took great discipline to accomplish coutesy of Tohei Sensei and taught to us by Mike Muspratt Sensei.

Thes are a discipline and this is a basic write up of how we practiced and used them and the discipline involved.

The discipline for example when I taught from this view for those who had the basics of technique down pat etc. was to hold the partner and have them them try to do a technique. When it didn't work I would say why. The thing is the discipline was that I would point out which principle was out...missing. Simple. No excuses, no other reasons like the way they are being held or whatever. Nothing mattered except keeping in those principles and thus discovering beyond those principles. The fact whic is still a mind blowing fact really is that when the principles were in then the technique worked no matter who was holding. Thus it was and is a very workable and disciplined method.

Each principle thus practiced leads to realizations and self development all along the lines of harmony and oneness.

Relax completely weight underside leads to the dicovery for those persistant enough and disciplined enough of Koshi and this in turn leads to reality on the void.

Respect your partner's Ki leads to actually 'seeing' beyond your eyes as to what exactly the 'opponents Ki is doing. So any excuse about a person being too physical or tight or whatever is down to lack of understanding this principle.

It's NEVER the partner's fault. Full stop.

Keeping one point actually leads to so much it's hard to put it down here in this little write up.

Lead your partners Ki then becomes a skill which takes being able to 'see it' know it, blend with it, be at one with it, join with it, know the ways of Ki movement and mechanics and principles thereof and...and...

Lot's to learn and discover......shin shin toitsu method as taught to me and by me. Great stuff and yet only the discipline of no excuses makes it work. No leading body, no tightness, no trying to override the opponent, no thinking, no 'mind leads ki nonsense'. The principles rule out so much and that's another plus.

Yes a specific discipline...very useful.

Not forgetting 'take your partners place'. Well this ranges from empathy, being with, staying with,(ma ai, de ai) to co existence and finally oneness. Yes each principle is an arrow. Not many carry on following those pointers unfortunately.

In fact I would call this a good method of intermediate teaching now in retrospect. Call me a bit pessimistic but I believe for most even that way is very advanced teaching compared to what they are used to.

Such is my view and experience anyway.

So this was a little glimpse into the shin shin toitsu taught to a few hundred below the radar in a little area of England. A small window into unknown history ha, ha.


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