Thursday 20 March 2014

Ki is Kindness..Golden Centre Dharma......

In Aikido one of the most fundamental principles to come to terms with is the principle of Bu. The true Bu of Budo. Bu is love, universal love, so coming to terms with universal love is a major goal within Aikido and thus part of the way.

So we must learn and experience this love, learn what it does, learn it's power, and thus self develop. As we learn about universal love for real then at the same time we learn about oneness. Thus at the same time we learn about true Aikido and O'Sensei.

The purpose of love is oneness. Love is oneness. The discipline is oneness.

So what of Ki? Is Ki this universal love? No. Ki is another factor all be they all interdependent. Ki is Kindness. Where heart is love then spirit is kindness.

A kindness in truth and as such not the meekly mild version most minds have it as for such minds have lost their innate awareness.

Translated even further then I say that kindness is Ki. Spirit is Ki. True spirit is divine. Thus your divinity is spirit, is Kindness, is Ki, and works with heart and soul but is not heart and soul. Heart is Bu.

Now another difference is something which often gets associated with Bu but is not of Bu but is of spirit, Ki, and that is the principle of loving protection for all things. This is Ki, kindness in action. This is active spirit supported by Bu.

Neutral is the Jo, the fan is Bu, Ki is the sword.

All is good. Peace. G.

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